Marlon James – A Brief History of Seven Killings


A brief History of Seven Killings by Marlon James wasn’t really brief and contained far more than seven killings. I must say that this was not an easy read. Told by numerous characters (mostly in Jamaican patois) the story that unfolds over 688 pages of fine print consisted of a lot of bloody gang violence, political turmoil and the attempted assassination of Bob Marley. I had my difficulty with this novel, especially the language was extremely hard to understand and I felt that I would have to read it again, just to understand it in its total complexity. There were definitely some characters that I really cared about and whenever it was their turn to speak I was fully engaged with the story. Also, the author managed to paint a very authentic (or so i assume) picture of Jamaican politics. I am definitely looking forward to the HBO series that is being created based on this novel, I think it could be great. One quote that stood out:

“Who want peace anyway when all that means is that you still poor?”


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