Haruki Murakami – Kafka on the Shore

I did not like this. It started off really great and I actually really liked the dark atmosphere of the first half of the book. The mystery of the children passing out was quite intriguing and the story of a boy who runs away from home was catchy and well written. But then things quickly got ugly. A 50 year old women has sex with a teenager, the same teenager later rapes the same women and it is all ok because hey, it’s a dream in a novel where people can talk with cats. Things like that are not ok just because it’s magical realism. So it definitely left a weird aftertaste. Even though the mood might be intriguing, there were just too many passages about his penis and weird sexual thoughts about (potential) family members. I wouldn’t mind the depiction of rape as such, but here the characters didn’t really agonize over it, it was just something „they had to do“. there was no depth to it. Also, nothing added up in the end, so i think I need a break from Murakami.


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