Joyce Carol Oates – Sexy

IMG_2391I didn’t like this young adult novel as much as her short stories. even though the story was quite dark (touching on pedophilia and sexual identity) it was still a very quick read. i did feel transported back to the confusing time of being a teenager and all the mess that comes with it. the moral dilemma of the protagonist was set up really well, you weren’t quite sure what had happened (if anything at all) and only as the novel progressed the significance of little events became shockingly clear. i liked how the title was not only referring to the way he felt about himself (at least at times) but how it shifted to what other people saw in him. „people saw in others what they wanted to see, not what was there.“ her characters are not always likable but in a way i think that is what makes them so realistic and interesting. in this particular novel, darren has to separate himself from his conservative household and his narrow minded friends. in the beginning he might have given in to certain behaviors just to belong but in the end he seems to be in a much more independent place, no longer does he define himself through others but has gotten closer to being an adult.


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