Pietro Cilati – Schön und verdammt

IMG_2393This short essay was an interesting peek into the lives of Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Pietro Ciatati managed to balance objectivity and emotionality in this portrait of a very complicated relationship. Scott, the alcoholic, pedantic and dictatorial husband and of course writer and Zelda, the obsessive and schizophrenic dancer and artist led a life that was both glamorous and disastrous. Ciatati describes the beginning of their relationship, the parties and holidays, a fast paced life of success and wealth. Zelda is portrayed as a very independent and headstrong person, who was at times even stronger than Scott. But then things begin to shatter, madness, and alcoholism takes hold, destroys their family and extinguishes whatever happiness they had before. It is quite heart-breaking to read of the pain that defined this relationship. Yes, Scott was overbearing, jealous of Zelda’s creativity and a drunk who beat her but I also could understand the pain he must have felt. His wife spent most of their marriage, of her life really, in a mental institution and Ciatati portrayed this time in her life quite harrowingly. This essay seems like a good starting of point to read more about their lives and maybe to read more by Fitzgerald


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