Reading has always been important to me. But, life gets busy and I was spending more time online than reading (the irony of now doing a book blog is not lost on me). So at the end of December last year I made the decision to read more books. I actually made a challenge out of it. I was inspired to do this because someone I followed on Instagram was doing it, too. In January I started with the challenge and at the same time I also started posting pictures of the books I was reading on Instagram. This way, I figured I could keep track of what I was reading and maybe inspire others to do the same, just like I had been inspired. After I had posted a few photos of books a friend suggested that I should write a short review to each of the books. It turned out that writing book reviews is actual great fun and I loved the conversations that the reviews sparked.

So now these short reviews have inspired me to create a book review blog. It seemed an even better way to engage with people, share what I am passionate and opinionated about and document what I read.

I live in Berlin and am a photographer. So when I’m not reading, I am either on a Yoga mat or developing photos in the dark room.

Feel free to contact me with review requests or anything else: hello@inbetweenpages.com

The title for the blog was inspired by the lyrics of the Mount Eerie song Books:

Awake again returning to this
Where I am with my finger
In between pages where, written down
One thousand years before now:
I tear the North Sea